21. Chronic traffic congestion, or gridlock, is caused by driving behavior such as:

Inattention (eating breakfast, reading maps, etc., while driving) .
Driving quickly past a collision scene.
Allowing drivers to drivers to merge ahead of you on the freeway

22. Bicycle riders:

Should face on coming traffic if there is no bike lane .
Can move into a left turn lane to turn left .
Should ride on the sidewalk if there is no bike lane

23. An alcoholic beverage can only be carried in the car:

If your parent s with you.
The container is sealed.
You may never carry alcoholic beverages in your car

24. Braking studies have shown that a tractor trailer traveling at 55 mph needs ___ the distance to stop as an automobile:

Two times.
Three times.
Four times

25. When a school bus with flashing red lights has stopped on the road ahead, you must:

Stop until the lights stop flashing.
Slow down because children may be on the road.
Change lanes and pass cautiously

26. If you drive up a narrow, steep road, and meet a car with no room to pass:

You should back down the road.
The other driver should back up the road.
Neither driver should back at all

27. If you are convicted of defacing property by using paint or another liquid , the court may suspend your driving privilege for:

6 months.
12 months.

28. The “basic speed law” says that:

You may have to slow down .
You must consider other posted speed limits.
You must consider the traffic and weather conditions

29. To avoid sudden “last minute moves,” how far ahead should you look when scanning the road for hazards?

4 to 5 seconds .
6 to 8 seconds.
10 to 15 seconds

30. Drivers with no traffic convictions for three years will have:

A higher collision rate than drivers with one conviction.
A lower collision rate than drivers with one conviction.
The same collision rate as drivers with one conviction

31. If you driving record shows you failed to appear in court after receiving a traffic ticket, DMV will:

Take no action.
Suspend the registration of your vehicle you are driving .
Suspend your driving privilege until you appear in court

32. After you have a collision or “close shave,” you should:

Decide what went wrong and who made the mistake.
Try not to think about what happened.
Try not to blame yourself or the other driver

33. Before going on a trip, you should:

Have an extra can of gas in the trunk for emergencies.
Have the frame and engine mounting checked.
Check the tires and fluid levels

34. A green painter curb means that stopping or parking is permitted only for:

A limited time.
Taxis and buses.
Loading or unloading freight

35.I f you use both your left and inside rear view mirrors when looking for vehicles near you:

You will be able to see traffic behind you and beside you .
You will see any cars in your blind spots.
You may not see vehicles near the rear of your car because of a “blind spot”

36.In California, you may take a right turn at an intersection against a red light:

Only when oncoming cars have green arrows .
If you can move safely without interfering with traffic.
Only if a sign says you can turn

37. Collisions are more likely to happen:

When one driver is going faster or slower then other drivers on the road .
When one driver is going faster or slower then other drivers on the road .
On multi-lane freeways

38. If you are under 21, and convicted of driving under the influence while operating your own vehicle, the court may:

Put your vehicle in storage until you reach age 21 .
Sentence you to a mandatory 30 days in jail .
Put your vehicle in storage for up to 30 days at your expense

39. Orange colored signs and flags mean that you must be alert for:

Changed road conditions.
Speed zones.
High occupancy lanes

40. Coasting with the gearshift in neutral is:

Recommended in the mountains.
Safe and conserves gas.
Against the law
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